Visku’s support empowers Nadiya to aid refugees facing homelessness

3 July 2024

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Nadiya, a charity dedicated to supporting displaced refugees facing homelessness, has successfully distributed furniture to over 100 families across the United Kingdom, thanks to crucial support from supply chain specialist Visku. This initiative is part of Nadiya’s Long-term Housing Programme, which aims to address the growing homelessness crisis among refugees in the U.K.

Nadiya’s Long-term Housing Programme offers comprehensive financial support to help refugees overcome the structural barriers preventing them from accessing stable, long-term accommodation in the private rented sector. This includes paying deposits and up-front rent in the form of interest-and-fee-free loans, serving as a guarantor, and providing key furniture for as long as required.

In mid-2023, Nadiya received a generous donation of 1,900 pallets of brand-new furniture intended for distribution to refugees in need. However, the charity faced an immediate challenge: finding adequate storage space for this substantial donation. This is where Visku stepped in with their innovative Pallet Hotel service.

Through the Pallet Hotel® service, Visku provided storage space for eight months, allowing Nadiya to store and manage the donated furniture. This crucial support facilitated the distribution of furniture to over 100 families across the U.K., significantly enhancing the lives of many refugees by providing them with essential household items.

Derek Edwards, Co-Founder of Nadiya, expressed profound gratitude for Visku’s support, stating, Visku’s invaluable assistance has been a game-changer for our Long-term Housing Programme. Their generosity and expertise in logistics have enabled us to efficiently store and distribute furniture to refugee families, helping them to create a home and rebuild their lives with dignity.”

Echoing this sentiment, Steve purvis, Managing Director – Warehousing at Visku, commented on the partnership: “At Visku, we are deeply committed to making a positive impact in our communities. By providing storage solutions through our Pallet Hotel® service, we’re proud to support Nadiya’s mission. This collaboration demonstrates how supply chain capabilities can be utilised to address critical social issues like refugee homelessness.”

One of the beneficiaries of Nadiya’s Long-term Housing Programme, Oksana Kovalchuk, shared her perspective on Visku’s support: “When my daughters and I arrived in the country, we had nothing but the clothes on our backs. Thanks to Nadiya and Visku, we now have a furnished home where my children can sleep in proper beds and we can all begin to feel settled. Visku’s help has made a world of difference to us, providing not just furniture, but also a sense of stability and hope. We are forever grateful to them.”

The successful distribution of furniture to over 100 families marks a significant milestone in Nadiya’s efforts to combat homelessness amongst refugees in the UK. With Visku’s support, Nadiya are now seeking to broaden the Long-term Housing Programme to support other marginalised social groups, including British families struggling with credit and affordability issues. Together, Nadiya and Visku are making strides towards a brighter, more stable future for vulnerable communities in the U.K.

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