Warehouse productivity modelling using industrial engineering techniques to enable budgeting and performance enhancement

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Business targets

An important project to define the warehouse productivities using industrial engineering techniques to enable budgeting and performance enhancement.  Based on known business characteristics and volumes of activity.

  • To agree a new set of labour time standards using an industrial engineering approach for each of the warehouse activities as a basis of calculating a budget for the new financial year.

Our approach

  • Site visits were conducted to observe detailed processes in each operational area at a granular level, including multiple operatives for each process. observed to identify best practice.
  • Key data was analysed to identify the key metrics of the current operation.
  • ‘Bottom up’ productivity modelling using MTM methodology for all processes from receipt to the point of despatch to create the standard time to complete a task or operational sequences.
  • Standard times applied to the key volumetrics for the operational process to identify productivity.
  • From observation provide feedback on areas for operational improvement.


  • By using Visku’s warehouse operations & industrial engineering expertise, the customer has been able to realise a 10.7% improvement in overall productivity.
  • Commercial budgets between customer and logistics provider easily negotiated and agreed.

10.7% Productivity Enhancement

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