Cold warehousing solutions
from Visku

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Preserve the integrity of temperature-sensitive products with cold storage solutions from Visku. Designed for precision and reliability, we offer the expertise and infrastructure access to maintain optimal conditions for your goods, from perishables to pharmaceuticals.

We have extensive experience partnering with industries such as food manufacturing, retail, and life sciences. Our experts have the knowledge to provide a cold warehousing solution that fits your business needs.

Cold Storage

Why choose cold warehouse solutions from Visku?

  • Precision temperature control. Our UK-wide network of facilities have advanced refrigeration systems, ensuring a consistent temperature tailored to your products.
  • Regulatory compliance. We maintain stringent standards, ensuring your products meet all regulatory requirements for cold storage.
  • UK-wide network. Benefit from our strategically located facilities across the UK, minimising transit times and ensuring timely distribution.
  • Dedicated spaces. Customised storage areas cater to specific needs, ensuring products remain segregated and uncontaminated.
Cold Storage Features

Features of cold warehousing solutions

Real-time monitoring

Advanced monitoring systems provide real-time temperature data, ensuring optimal conditions are maintained.

Security and safety

Our supplier’s facilities incorporate the latest security systems, ensuring product safety and integrity.

Supply chain integration

Connect seamlessly with other supply chain services, from transportation to distribution, for a holistic cold chain management experience.

Visku’s commitment

When it comes to cold storage, precision is paramount. Visku is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards, ensuring the safety and quality of your temperature-sensitive products.