Cost effective local overspill storage solutions for residual stock to support with freeing up operational capacity within own DC

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Warehousing | Retail

Business targets

  • To find a local and flexible storage solution providing a responsive replenishment backup to their core operation.
  • Additional transportation support from DC to other warehouses and store locations.

Our approach

  • The initial step was to locate a partner facility within 10 miles of the existing operation that could provide additional storage capacity with the agility to fulfil Day 1 for Day 1 replenishments to the DC.
  • Establish a consistent workflow between the two sites and then identify and relocate slow moving into the partner site for deep storage.


  • 1 site supporting offsite storage of slow-moving product, providing additional support with container processing, transportation and fulfilment services.
  • Flexible storage capacity with responsive fulfilment ability close to the current location.
  • Ability to process replenishment orders to top up core stock at very short notice and provide transportation for same day delivery.
  • The flexible solution has allowed breathing space within their operation and the responsiveness to maintain customer SLA.
  • Allowed the client to maintain SLA with their customers by utilising a local facility offering same day replenishment.
  • Pay As You Go with local capacity meant low cost per until for overspill capacity while maintaining low transport costs.
  • Increased stock holding of core lines to support new store openings.